Imphal: All India Congress Committee (AICC) Manipur in-charge Girish Chodankar has charged that the government is the sole responsible for Premkumar’s suicide inside pre-fabricated house.

Girish was at Kwakta pre-fabricated house in Bishnupur district on Sunday while he along with Manipur PCC working president Victor Keishing visited the family members of the man that commit suicide on Saturday in Bishnupur, Manipur.

District police, said one person, Angom Premkumar, 36, son of late, A Kula Meitei of Churachandpur Tuibong forest gate presently staying at pre-fabricated house located at Sericulture office, Kwakta, Bishnupur district was found hanging inside his room at around 9.15 pm on Saturday.

State government constructed pre-fabricated houses to accommodate those displaced by Kuki-Zo attacks.

Police recovered the body and after performing autopsy at Regional Institute of Medical Science, Lamphal, here, it was handed over to the family members for his last rite on Sunday.

Girish after meeting with the family members of the deceased said it is learnt that Premkumar commit suicide after he lost hope from the government and for not having any earning avenue to run his family.

Premkumar was survived with his wife and two children of 11 years old boy and an-eight years old girl.

Girish said the incident will be an eye opener for the government to bring back peace and to provide an earning avenue for the IDPs that have been staying for the last over 14 months in relief camps.

He said the government should send officials to monitor the Internally displaced persons IDPs who are suffering from lack of earning avenue issues as many more similar cases could happen if not take necessary steps in time.

The IDPs are not staying in relief camps by their choice but by the circumstances, and the incident of a man committing suicide inside government’s run pre-fabricated house reflects the failure of the government, said Girish.

He said the government should provide an official earning avenue for the IDPs and should resolve the long pending issue on Manipur Crisis.

“The last word of my husband was I will not be able to provide you and my children any happiness without any earning though government has provided a place for temporary stay”, wife of the deceased, Premi, told reporters at Kwakta pre-fabricated inside the room where her husband committed suicide on Sunday.

She said her husband’s mental depression was increased after they shifted at the relief camp.

Her husband was a mason by profession in Churachandpur district. Due to the violence (Meitei-Kuki violence) they got displaced and no one hires him, said Premi.

Even she tried to sell her own made detergent and dish wash on streets. People hardly buy her products. During the initial period when she started selling her detergent people used to buy in sympathy, but how long people are going to buy them, she added,

Premi lamented that the IDPs do not have any earning opportunity. She appealed the government to monitor the IDPs to provide earning avenues, if not, number of widows would be  increased.

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