Imphal: Security forces destroyed two illegal bunkers at S. Mongpi Ridge, Kangpokpi district in Manipur on Saturday during search operations and area domination conducted to prevent clash between Kuki-Zo and Meitei communities.

On this day the security forces recovered one improvised .303 rifle, one 9mm pistol with magazine, one 12 Bore single barrel gunn, two improvised mortar, one M/ Set, five live round ammunitions, two pompi bombs, three tear smoke shells were recovered from Kangpokpi district.

From the same district one 9mm carbine with magazine, one .32 pistol with magazine, one .22 rifle semi auto with magazine, 13 HE-36 hand grenades, two hand grenade keys, four hand grenade caps, one hand grenade arming ring, nine tube launching, 16 12-Bore signal and 47 live round ammunitions were recovered.

One heavy calibre 70mm launcher, one 12-Bore single barrel gun, one improvised grenade launcher, two 9mm pistol, three HE-36 hand grenades, two MK-III A2 grenade, two tube launching, one improvised explosive grenade, 56 live round ammunitions, one 70mm  explosive shell, two Baofeng radio sets with one charger were recovered from Imphal East district.

However, no arrest was not made in connection with the incidents, which remained a question to public.

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