Imphal: Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA) has imposed prohibition of all forms of economic interactions and transactions to Kuki-Zo community, and urged to Kuki to refrain from hampering vehicular movements along NH-2.

The student body in a statement released on Friday stated that in pursuance of the press statement on June 3, urgently appealing for all concerned parties to refrain from unnecessarily hampering vehicular movements along National Highway 2 (NH-2) and to maintain the highway as a safe zone, free from any form of harassment, the Committee on Tribal Unity (CoTU) has, however, completely ignored our statement and plea.

“Despite our hospitality, patience, understanding and neutrality in this ongoing conflict, the Kuki miscreants have had the audacity to set a truck on fire within our land and jurisdiction on the night of 19/06/2024 just below Tumuyon Khullen. We strongly condemn this act of arson, which is a direct challenge to our authority and also a grave threat to the safety and well-being of all communities. We demands that the culprits be booked and befitting punishments be given as per the Law, at the earliest,” the student body said.

It is imperative to take immediate and stringent actions to prevent any further escalations and to safeguard the interests of all communities, as per the resolution adopted at the 2nd Federal Assembly, held at Nteiramphung (Tumnoupokpi) on June 1, it added and issued orders.

Any and all eventualities that befall the Kuki-zo community dwelling and living within Senapati, SDSA shall not be held responsible or accountable. The responsibility for any adverse outcomes rests solely with the CoTU and their subordinates, the order said.

“Effective immediately, no goods or commodities shall be permitted to be supplied to the Kuki-zo areas from Senapati or any other sources within our jurisdiction. This embargo is a necessary measure to respond to the unwarranted aggression and to protect the interests of our community.”

“Individuals, businesses, or fines within Senapati are hereby strictly prohibited from engaging in any commercial transactions, business dealing, or trade with the Kuki-zo community. This prohibition extends to all forms of economic interactions and transactions.”

“Any person or entity found violating this order shall bear the full consequences of their actions. We will not be held responsible for any harm, loss, or misfortune that befalls those who disregard this directive. The responsibility for their safety and the repercussions of their actions will rest entirely on them.”

The student body said the order was issued in the interest of maintaining peace, order, and the safety of all communities. “We urge all parties to comply strictly with this directive and to act responsibly and considerately to avoid further conflict.”

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