Imphal: Hmar Peace Forum (HPF), Pherzawl-Jiri Region has demanded to arrest and punish the architect of Manipur’s Jiribam district chaos pointing finger to three persons.

The Hmar forum on Wednesday appealed to book three individuals — Lawmsang Dulhian of Dolakhal, Vanlal Lalhriet Hmar of Vehaun Veng and Lalri Hekte Hmar of Kalinagar-I.

It said the burning down of more than 70 houses of Meitei community including the police out-posts and Forest office in Barak circle creating mayhem and animosity between the Hmar and Meitei communities is architected by the three individuals.

They are the masterminds of the prevailing unrest situation in Jiribam, the Hmar forum said.

“Of them, Lawmsang Dulhian, a government employee under Education department, Manipur is acting as the Commander-in-Chief of the so called Indigenous Tribal Advocacy Committee (ITAC). Under the leadership of these three miscreants, the innocent peace loving Hmar people of Jiribam are being led towards the wrong-path and insisted to act against the Meitei community. This creates enmity amongst the Hmar and Meitei communities,” said the Hmar forum in an appeal.

On the other hand, the local MLA of Jiribam, Md. Achab Uddin is doubtful in playing divide and rule policy by helping all kinds of supports to execute this task instead of solving the crisis as a representative of Jiribam AC as Lawmsang Dulhian. The commander of ITAC is his PRO while the other two namely Vanlal Lalhriet Hmar and Lalri Hekte Hmar are acting as agents of the MLA, it added.

Therefore, in order to restore the then harmonious and peaceful existence of people in Jiribam irrespective of caste or creed, the above mentioned culprits should be booked and punished according to law. Besides, the local MLA should be kept under surveillance, it added.

On Sunday, ITAC responded that the appeal was misleading.

“We categorically deny the existence of any such Hmar Peace Forum (HPF) in Indigenous Tribes Advocacy Committee (ITAC) functional areas Pherzawl and Jiribam.”

The appeal contains baseless accusations and false Information, ITAC said stating that Lawmsang Duhlian, Vanlalhriet Hmar, and Laid Hekte Hmar have no involvement in the alleged actions.

“The response to the attack on Meitei counterparts was a direct result of the initial assault on Hmar houses in Uchathol, driven by the people’s anger.”

It said Lawrnsang Du Han has no affiliation with the ITAC. The allegations against the iiribam MLA are unfounded and unrelated to ITAC, and urged the higher authorities to take prompt action against the spread of fake news, which causes unnecessary hardship for the people.

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