Imphal: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has strongly condemned the Presidential speech in the Parliament for abstaining the over year-long Manipur Crisis.

The working president of the Manipur PCC, K. Devabrata expressed the condemnation to the omission of the Manipur Crisis in the Presidential Speech on Parliamentary floor on Saturday.

The Presidential speech was prepared with the knowledge of the Union Cabinet ministers of the Modi 3.0 government. The issue of Manipur is a national threat instigated by narco-terrorists, the influx of armed militants, and even represented by the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, as waging ‘war against the nation,’ was ignored, he added.

Devabrata expressed disappointment on the President’s avoidance of the crisis in Manipur.

Prime Minister of India has also maintained an eerie silence on the matter for a considerable time. As the ruling party begins a new tenure, the people of the state expect new initiatives from the central government. However, the President chose to ignore such a pressing issue, leaving the people of the state feeling humiliated, he added.

“Manipur crisis is a national security issue,” the Congres leader said and put finger at the President, in her address, appreciating Kashmir Valley’s Baramulla region for a high voter turnout of 59 percent while conveniently ignoring a 70 percent voter turnout in Manipur during these tough times.

This humiliates the people of Manipur, he added.

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