Imphal: Women folks of Lamphel Khunou, Imphal West removed barricade, installed by Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) authority, that has been blocking along the northern side of RIMS mortuary heading to Lamphel Khunou, Imphal West on Thursday.

The women folks reported to media that they forcibly removed the barricades along the road heading to Lamphel Khunou as RIMS authority allegedly blocked the road against the directives of Court’s order.

The incident was occurred on Thursday morning. Huge number of women residing at Lamphel Khunou gathered and started removing the barricades. They pushed away the barricades into road side drains.

Meira Paibi secretary of Lamphel Khunou, Karam Chaoba Devi said the northern side road of RIMS mortuary has been under land dispute with the RIMS authority and residents of Lamphel Khunou.

On September 5, 2014 the concerned court had issued an order stating that the residents of Lamphel Khunou can move along the road freely for domestic work, religious purpose etc. and RIMS authority cannot disturb the residents of Lamphel Khunou, she added.

The then director, RIMS, A. Shanta closed the gate installed along the road during the pandemic under security reason and the residents of Lamphal Khunou were allowed trespass through RIMS campus from northern gate of RIMS mortuary, she said.

Recently, after the new director of RIMS, G.Sunil Kumar took the charge, security of RIMS started questioning while trespassing the bypass road of RIMS mortuary. The residents of Lamphel Khunou raised the matter at the concerned court, Chaoba said.

Based on the complaint raised by the locals agaist RIMS authority on the matter, the concerned district court issued an order on February 16 that RIMS authority cannot block or questioned while the residents of Lamphel Khunou trespass the RIMS mortuary road.

On the contrary, the RIMS authority deployed security of RIMS and blocked the road with barricades and started harassing the commuters while going along the road, said Chaoba.

“It has crossed the limit to bear the harassment”, she cautioned.

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