Imphal: MSPDCL has started deducting 20 percent of recharge of pre-paid bill without giving any notification to the public.

When recharged with Rs 1000, the consumer gets Rs 800 on the meter box.

In the receipt of pre-paid recharge it reads, ” Amount Paid : Rs.1,000.00/- Voucher Amount : Rs.800.00/- Due Adjustment Amount : Rs.200.00/”

“I am surprised. What is this? Is the authority fooling around people?” Said Babyrani, a consumer of Imphal West.

“I recharged with Rs 500. But I get only Rs 400,” said a youth who opens a small chicken centre at his locality. “This is too much.”

“Are we looted? Are we cheated? Or are we idiots?” Said Uma a consumer at RIMS road.

This is not an allegation. It is a complaint from public. Will the government remain silent to why pre-paid bills are deducted without public notification and without providing reason?

This is not the first time. The same was done when pre-paid meter boxes were installed for the first time.

It is recalled that pre-paid meter boxes meters were not installed if the consumers had dues. Why due now?

The deduction of 20 percent in the pre-paid bill has been witnessed in Imphal West district since March this year.

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