Imphal: Manipur needs to implement a crop policy to reduce loss to the farmers during natural and artificial crop damage, and the farmers organisations or group need to push the government to implement the policy.

State Horticulture and Soil Conservation director Kakchingtabam Debadutta Sharma said this on Tuesday during ‘World Farmers’ Day’ held at Manipur Press Club, Imphal.

The programme was organised by  Loyalup, Kangleipak.

Debadutta said due to the lack of implementation of crop policy in the state the farmers face various issues from selection of crops to marketing. The farmers face issues during crop damage caused by natural or artificial phenomenon, he added citing the damage caused by the recent heavy hailstorm.

“When Dubai can export their crops in large scale, why farmers of Manipur that have a good ecosystem won’t be able to produce good crops and agricultural products,” he said.

With the lack of crop policy the farmers are not able to produce varieties of crops and agricultural products. To implement the policy the farmers’ organisations or group should push the government to implement the policy and the department is ready to extend its necessary assistance for the farmers, said Debadutta.

Associate professor, DM College of Arts, Thongam Ibotombi Singh said the state has a low budget for agriculture sector. Due to the reason most of the farmers are facing issues whether during drought or flood season.

He said the state government need to increase the state budget for agriculture sector instead of waiting for central funding.

Working president of Loyalup, Kangleipak, Tourangbam Birjit said the organisation was formed for welfare of farmers. Farmers are the backbone of a society and the society need to support the farmers, he added.

He said the organisation will be continuing providing its effort for the welfare of the farmers of Manipur in the future.

A two-minute silence observation was also conducted for the martyrs who lost their lives during the ongoing crisis.

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