Uikey, Biren shower Cheiraoba greetings

Imphal: Manipur governor Anusuiya Uikey and chief minister N. Biren Singh extended their greetings to the people of Manipur on  Sajibu Nongmapanba Cheiraoba, Manipuri New Year’s Day that falls on Tuesday,

“It gives me immense pleasure to greet the people of Manipur on the occasion of “Sajibu Nongmapanba (Cheiraoba)” – Manipuri New Year’s Day, 2024,” Uikey said.

“New year is an occasion to rejoice and for setting new resolutions. On this occasion let as all resolve that Cheiraoba, 2024 will be a harbinger of peace and harmony in the state.”

“We have been witness to many incidents which could have broken the bond between different communities but people of Manipur have shown their maturity by maintaining equanimity and shunning the group violence. From this Sajibu Nongmapanba, let us strive together for a better Manipur setting apart our differences and working for a common goal. We should rededicate ourselves to strengthen our bonds of friendship, so that all communities can live as brothers and sisters, notwithstanding differences in caste. creed, language and religion. Let us all observe the Day in its true spirit so that it ushers an era of peace and prosperity.”

Biren, in his greetings, said the festival marks the end of the previous year and onset of a new year. “On this occasion, I exhort the people of Manipur to renew the strong fraternal bond and unity among different communities and strive for bringing inclusive development in the state while seeking prosperity and happiness for all.

I wish that the festIvai may fill us all with positivity and zeal to turn our dreams into reality and efforts into achievements. Let us once again dedicate ourselves to taking Manipur to greater heights.”

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