‘Stop threatening people for money in Hatta’

Imphal: Imphal East Hatta area clubs have strongly opposed demanding for money in the name of donations for those affected by the Manipur crisis that erupted on May 3 last year.

President of United Hatta Golapati Council, Md Abdul Malik has cautioned to stop threatening people for monetary demands from the public of the area without the consent of local bodies of Hatta Golapati area.

Malik told told reporters at the head office of Manipur Hatta Golapati Athletic Union (MHGAU), Hatta Golapati, Imphal East on Thursday that since May last year most of the people of Manipur are suffering irrespective of caste, creed and communities.

In the name of assistance, some groups or organisations are demanding monetary demands from the residents of Hatta Golapati area without even identifying their identities. From various residents of the area those groups or organisations are demanding monetary assistance from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000, he added.

They should stop such activities as that may cause unwanted incidents for which they should be the solely responsible, he warned.

He said if any organisation wants monetary assistance from the people of Hatta Golapati area, they should first contact to the local clubs of the area.

Meanwhile, spokesperson of joint local clubs of Hatta Golapati area, MHGAU, GESCDO, UMGDC, MHSWU, UHGC, GHYVO, MMLDO, UDO, and HMLSDO, Haji Arafat Ali said due to the ongoing crisis the grand festival of various communities was organised in low key for ritual only.

He appealed the Muslim communities to celebrate the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr for rituals only.

He cautioned the people not use intoxicants while celebrating the festival and appealed to celebrate peacefully.

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