Special provision for Sports students introduced in Manipur board examination

Imphal: Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BoSEM) has introduced special provision for sports students in order to promote sports amongst students.

Secretary of BOSEM, Akham Joykumar made the announcement during a press conference held at the conference hall of BoSEM on Sunday.

Special examinations for students who missed the HSLC Examination while participating at the national and international level tournaments.

Sports students participating at the national or international as a state representative, whose attendance is below 65 percent in Class-X and intending to appear for the board’s examination as the case may be shall be considered for condonation of shortage of attendance by the chairman, BoSEM only. But in case, the attendance shall not be below 50 percent, the secretary said.

He said if the student’s participation in the national or international sports’ events coincides with the board’s examination, a special examination will be conducted as a one-time arrangement.

The provision will be applicable for those students who submit the Individual Application Form (IAF) to the board to appear the HSLC examination of that particular year. The provision for filling up of the form is available for all students in the Board’s website: portals.bosem.in, the secretary said.

Joykumar said the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 envisages assessment to be student friendly and greater flexibility in order to give more opportunities for the students to improve their performance in the examination. In this regard, the board has revised its existing rules regulations as per examination bye-laws of the Bbard to align with NEP, 2020 recommendations by incorporating new provisions in the conduct of examinations to make the assessment more students’ friendly.

For improvement of performance among students the conduct of examination for improvement of performance in three or less subject(s) in the same year will be introduced w.e.f. 2024 for HSLC Examination passed candidates with a view to help students to improve and pursue courses of their choice in line with the vision of NEP, 2020. This will facilitate students to improve their grades or marks to pursue higher education with their choice of subjects.

A successful candidate at the HSLC Examination desirous to improving his/her performance is given one chance in June/July of the same year to appear in three or less Subjects. This provision will also help students to have the best of the Examination option as envisioned in NEP, 2020, he added.

Under this provision of “HSLC improvement examination”, the candidate who qualified in some subjects but not qualified in one or two Ssbjects in the main H.S.L.C. Examination will be given opportunity to reappear in the said Examination in the line with NEP, 2020 so that they can pursue further studies, other courses etc. in the same year without confiscating their career.

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