‘Baymax’ Robot of Manipur student can speak 30 languages, understand 100 languages 

Imphal: A student of Government Polytechnic Engineering, Takyelpat, Imphal West pursuing 6th semester in the college invented an artificial intelligence robot and demonstrated its abilities on Friday.

The inventor of the robot Thokchom Dayananda is pursuing 6th semester in diploma in mechanical engineering.

“Baymax is fully operated under artificial intelligence. It has the ability to speak 30 different languages and can understand 100 languages excluding Manipuri language,” Dayananda said.

He said the project of manufacturing the robot took around 18 months. The robot can respond precisely according to the need of the user.

With the camera installed on the body of Baymax, it can identify any object which is put in front of it. One of the most interesting feature of the robot is being a robot run under AI, it can interact with any person.

Dayananda said his robot is runs with the help of internet and due to the slow internet connectivity the robot takes some time to respond.

“But I am trying to solve the problem and upgrade it so that it can understand the Manipuri language and speak Manipuri language.”

Dayananda said he was inspired to make his robot after he watch the film ‘Big Hero 6’ produced by Disney in 2014.

Other missing feature that Dayananda wanted to upgrade are movement of the robot, fast response and to install Manipuri language for speaking and understanding.

Principal of the engineering college, Taiyenjam Chandrakumar said Dayananda has able to achieve some of the positive outcome from his knowledge, patience, creativity and ability.

He said many advance robot have been invented in other places of the world but the college appreciates and feel proud that a student pursuing diploma in the college can invent an AI robot.

Dayananda is expected to achieve goals in his life after studying more on robotic features.

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