Privilege Ethnics Committee should place report in House against 10 Kuki-Zo MLAs: Imagi Meira

Imphal: Imagi Meira, a women voluntary body, has demanded the Privilege Ethics Committee to table its report on the ongoing Assembly floor regarding actions to be taken against 10 Kuki Zo MLAs who are trying to disintegrate Manipur.

The Kuki MLAs have been demanding a Seperate Administration.

Imagi Meira coordinator Palungbam Ranibala, talking to reporters on Sunday at Manipur Press Club, here said said various civil bodies and local bodies have been demanding abrogation of SoO (suspension of operation) agreement with Kuki militant groups and full implementation of NRC.

The body appreciated the state government on taking a unanimous decision on withdrawing SoO agreement with Kuki militants and to press Union government to do the same.

Ranibala said the women’s body and people of Manipur are expecting a positive result under the leadership of chief minister N. Biren Singh to end the present crisis.

Imagi Meira has been demanding to take necessary action against the 10 Kuki-Zo MLAs with the help of Privilege Ethics Committee. However, not a single word on the report of the committee is heard on the ongoing Manipur Legislative Assembly session, she added.

The committee should place its report on the ongoing Assembly floor highlighting what action could be taken against the 10 MLAs and what punishment could be given to them for trying to disintegrate Manipur.

The women’s group strongly condemned the total shut-down imposed by Committee on Tribal Unity (COTU) in Kangpokpi district against the decision taken on the Assembly floor on the SoO issue, said Ranibala.

The state government should take necessary action against COTU, she demanded.

Advisor of the women’s committee, Ngangbam ongbi Guno Devi said since the recent few days the state police are trying to nab village defence volunteers. The state police started conducting frequent search operation to nab village defence volunteers. She appealed the state government to stop disturbing the village defence volunteers.

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