Kanto Sabal canal reopened

Imphal: Kanto Sabal Makha canal, which was temporally blocked to avoid using of the water from the canal due to heavy fuel split from Leimakhong Powerstation, was reopened on Thursday.

Local MLA H. Dingo Singh who is also Social Welfare minister, during his visit at Kamto, said after heavy fuel split from Leimakhong powerstation on January 11, huge amounts of fuels split over Kanto Sabal Makha canal. To avoid from using the contaminated water from the canal, the canal had been blocked by the locals of the area.

He said the officials of MSPDCL and Oil Spill Combat Team (OSCT) has been examining the water of the canal since then. Laboratory report showed that the water in the canal is safe for agricultural use and domestic use.

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