House passes 6 bills, ‘any officer involved in unauthorised alteration of places names will be booked immediately’

Imphal: Manipur Legislative Assembly on Monday passed “The Manipur Names of Places Bill, 2024 (Bill no.4 of 2024) to safeguard indigenous names of places against unauthorised alteration of names.

The bill was passed unanimously on the Assembly floor of the ongoing 5th session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly after the leader of the House N. Biren moved the bill on the floor for consideration.

Before the bill was passed, Biren, who is also land revenue minister in-charge, while giving his statement in connection with the bill, said in honour of the contributions made by the forefathers, names of places, historical sites and others were named. The present generation should protect them against alteration of the historical names of places and sites, he added.

The government has found unauthorised alteration of names of places and sites without the consent of authority concerned. Adding that, recently it was found that in an air ticket that the address of Bir Tikendrajit International Airport as Lamka instead of Imphal. The historical hill ‘Thangjing’ was found trying to change into ‘Thangting’ and Thangjing hill as Mount Olive and a reserved forest as ‘Haokip Reserve Forest’. Even some groups produced documents regarding the ‘Haokip Reserve Forest’ which was unexpected, said Biren.

He said while issuing statements from Assam Rifles they used Lamka district instead of Churachandpur district. Churachandpur was named after Maharaja Churachand in honour of his contributions made for the protection of the territorial boundary of Manipur.

Biren warned that any officer found involved in alteration of name of a historical site or place without the consent of government will be booked and can be imprisoned for 1-3 years with a fine of Rs 1-3 lakh.

The bill was moved on the Assembly floor after discussing in a state Cabinet meeting in order to avoid unauthorised alteration of names of places as there is an apprehension that the identity of Manipur might be lost in the next few years if not properly taken care, he added.

Supporting the statement of the leader of the House, opposition MLA K. Ranjit opined that if Assam Rifles, other than any civil body, is involved in unauthorised alteration of name of a district, it could be book under law.

Biren, who is also finance in-charge, also moved “The Manipur Goods and Services Tax (Sixth Amendment) Bill, 2024 (Bill no. 7 of 2024) for consideration along with “The Manipur Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (Fifth Amendment) Bill, 2024 (Bill no. 8 of 2024).

MAHUD minister Y. Khemchand moved “The Manipur Municipalities (11th Amendment) Bill, 2024 (Bill No. 1 of 2024) for consideration on the Assembly floor; Labour and employment minister, Heikham Dingo moved “The Manipur Labour Laws (Exemption from Renewal of Registration and License by Establishment) Bill, 2024 (Bill No. 6 of 2024”.

Education minister Th. Basanta Kumar Singh moved “The Manipur Prevention of Malpractices in High School Leaving Certificate and Higher Secondary Examinations Bill, 2024 (Bill No. 5 of 2024) for consideration.

Later the House passed all the six bills without any objection.

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