CM assures to enlarge pre-fabricated houses by May, MLA Ranjit suggests to remove chieftainship in Manipur

Imphal: Chief minister N. Biren Singh assured on the Manipur Legislative Assembly floor that all the internally displaced persons (IDPs) who are staying at community halls will be provided partition facility and will enlarge pre-fabricated houses rooms by removing partitions by May.

Leader of the House, Biren, made the assurance on Monday during the ongoing 5th session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly responding to the short duration discussion raised by opposition MLA Th. Lokeshwar Singh on the challenges faced by the internally displaced people due to the ongoing violence.

During the short duration discussion agenda, opposition MLAs K. Ranjit and K. Meghachandra also placed their statement in connection with the matter. While from treasury bench MLA M. Rameshwar and MLA Thongam Shanti also placed their statements drawing the attention of chief minister N. Biren Singh highlighting the issues faced by the IDPs while staying at relief camps.

Highlighting the issues faced by the IDPs, opposition MLA Lokeshwar informed the House that the many relief camps are opened and pre-fabricated housed are constructed. However, the IDPs are still facing the issues of staying at the relief camps and pre-fabricated houses.

Drawing attention of the chief minister Lokeshwar informed the House to make a policy for IDPs especially for medical assistance.

He and Ranjit informed similar issued of IDPs faced during cremation, child birth, medical treatment during their stay.

Rameshwar informed the House to remove the culture of chieftainship of Kuki communities which is one of a main reason for unnatural growth of villages in hilly areas.

Clarifying the statements of both the MLAs of opposition and treasury bench, Biren informed the House that the present crisis was made erupted intentionally by some groups. Such crisis will last longer though the state government takes various initiatives to bring back to normalcy.

He said the crisis was not erupted immediately but it was a year-long pre-planned crisis trying to disintegrate Manipur. The government is trying to provide necessary assistance for the IDPs. It is time to work together.

“We need to discuss on why the central valley is surrounded, when did it happen and what steps could be taken for safeguard of future generation. The state government and central government are facing the present crisis which was caused before the present government. Now the crisis has become transparent with the demand of Separate Administration (for Kuki), unauthorised changing of names of districts and others. These issues cannot be sidelined,” said Biren.

He said the law and order situation are getting better as many IDPs have started returning to their displaced houses and process for construction of vandalised houses has also started.

The government is also taking necessary measures to provide necessary medical assistance by providing respective health cards and by establishing a corpus fund for treatment of IDPs, he informed.

Biren said the present crisis is carried by time and time will heal the situation. Even the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made his statement that money earned through drug trade has been used to create unwanted incidents in the north eastern states. The central government and state government are taking the present crisis seriously.

The chieftainship system is also one of a main reason for the present crisis but President of India under his accent has directed to abolish chieftainship system. At present the chieftainship system has been removed from Mizoram state, said Biren.

Biren informed that the government has started ground and air survey for construction of vandalised houses.

Supplementing the statement of the agenda, opposition Ranjit draw the attention of the chief minister to remove chieftainship that has been prevailing in Manipur.

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