DMCC demands clarity on revocation of SoO with Kuki militants

Imphal: Delhi Meetei Coordinating Committee (DMCC) has urged both the central and state government to prioritize the welfare and safety of the citizens and provide clarity on the progress to revoke suspension of operation (SoO) with the Kuki militants.

DMCC in a press release issued on Saturday expressed ‘profound concern’ over the continued indifference of the state government towards the ongoing hunger strike initiated by transgender activist Malem Thongam since February 22.

Despite consistent efforts to draw attention to the dire need for peace and the removal of the SoO to preserve Manipur’s integrity, the government has shown minimal responsiveness to Malem’s demands, the Meetei committee said.

DMCC stands firmly in solidarity with Malem Thongam’s hunger strike and pledges to continue its unwavering support. However, it is deeply disheartening to witness the government’s disregard for the public’s aspirations and the urgency of the situation. The lack of action and concern displayed by the government is highly condemnable, it added.

The committee questions the responsibility of elected officials, including the MPs, chief minister and MLAs, in addressing the public demands. It is imperative for the government to engage in dialogue with Malem and provide transparency regarding the steps being taken to restore peace in the state. The demands raised by Malem reflect the aspirations of the public, and it is the duty of the government to

address them promptly.

DMCC condemned the central government for its lack of transparency regarding the revocation of the SoO against Kuki militants. Despite the Manipur state government Cabinet’s decision on March 10, 2023 to revoke the SoO with those militant groups, the central government reluctance to take decisive action, leaves confusion among the citizens in a state, it said.

“DMCC urges both the central and state government to prioritize the welfare and safety of the citizens and provide clarity on the progress of the SoO revocation process. The lack of transparency and clear communication regarding the revocation of SoO is alarming.”

As the state prepares for upcoming 18th Lok Sabha Elections, DMCC calls upon the public to remain focused on our demand, rather than getting distracted by unwanted political campaigns. It is pertinent for the government to prioritize the well-being of the people and address their concerns effectively, DMCC said.

It reiterates its unwavering commitment in supporting Malem’s hunger strike and calls for immediate action from the government to address the pressing issues facing Manipur.

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