CSO demands stringent action against Kukis who assaulted two Muslims

Imphal: United Committee Kairang, Khomidok, Khabeisoi has ‘strongly’ condemned assaulting of two Muslims at Moreh town in Tengnoupal district allegedly by Kukis on Thursday and demanded stringent action against the culprits.

President of United Committee Kairang, Khomidok, Khabeisoi, FM Manawar Ali told reporters at community hall of Kairang, Imphal East on Friday that the committee was formed with a motto ‘Peace, Integrity and development’. With the motto the committee has been working for the welfare of the society.

He said, on Thursday two Muslims were brutally assaulted at Moreh reportedly by Kuki volunteers. It should be better if the Kuki volunteers took prior information from the Muslim CSOs before they were brutally assaulted.

He appealed all the communities to cooperate each other as any misunderstanding among the communities might erupt more tension among various communities of the state.

He appealed the state government to take stringent action against those Kuki volunteers who are involved in assaulting the two Muslims.

Kuki assaults 2 persons for providing stones for commando barrack construction at moreh

Police had reported that they were detained by some unknown Kuki people around 8-15 in numbers at M Chahnou village, Moreh. The two persons were reportedly brought blindfolded by them at a bypass road, Moreh. When the two persons reached the spot many Kuki people came out holding sophisticated weapons and started assaulting brutally for providing stones for construction of the commando barrack.

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