Apologise for insulting Saroi Khangba ritual at Jiribam: Sana Konung

Imphal: Sana Konung Maichoupurel (chief scholar) professor Ngariyanbam Kangjia Mangang appealed to apologise for insulting the rituals of Lamta Thangja Saroi Khangba at Jiribam before the Sana Konung take necessary legal assistance.

Professor Kangjia told reporters at Uttra Shaglen, here on Thursday that a video has been surfaced on social media, in which some people were seen scattering the offerings to the evil spirits, insulting the rituals of Lamta Thangja Saroi Khangba at a place in Jiribam.

He said the ritual of Saroi Khangba has been performed with a concept to send away the evil spirits by feeding them foods. ‘Saroi’ means evil spirits that possess the bad and evil character to harm human beings, said Kangjia.

The ritual has been performing since time immemorial for the safety of mankind irrespective of caste, creed and community against the evil, he added.

India is a secular country and any citizen are allowed to get into any religion. Insulting a culture or religion could be taken crucial under Indian constitution. Sana Konung will take necessary legal assistance if those who were involved in insulting the rituals of Saroi Kahngba fail to apologise.

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