World Anthropology Post Congress 2023 held in Manipur

Imphal: World Anthropology Post Congress 2023, International seminar on “Anthropology in Practice: Health, Culture and Security” was held on Friday at Manipur University Auditorium on World Anthropology Day.

Health and Family Welfare minister Dr. Sapam Ranjan Singh said Health is not merely a concept but a reality of life. According to Anthropology, culture means what we do, what we have and what we perceive in society. Culture is the total ways of life including all the object and elements, rules and regulations, learned, shared and accepted by members of the society.

For a peaceful and prosperous society or nation, the protection of life and property is utmost important. Security has different dimension but food security and law and order are paramount for human survival and welfare, the minister said.

For the past 10 months, the state is facing with tremendous issues such as homelessness, food security, law and order, violence, death and dying, mental health and chains of concomitant problem and such seminar will help in designing, devising and intervening the hot current issues, he added.

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