Will book ITLF notice enforcers: Manipur Government

Imphal: The state government has warned to book those who enforce public notice recently issued by ITLF (Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum), Churachandpur.

The government has seen a public notice issued on Saturday by ITLF (lndigenous Tribal Leaders Forum), Churachandpur stating that all state government offices will be closed from Monday until further notice, said a state government order served on Sunday.

The ITLF notice directs employees not to attend office along with a general threat to all concerned and they would be responsible for consequences if not followed; the same had been spreading virally in different media including social media platforms like different WhatsApp Groups, etc. which is totally illegal.

The state government views the matter very seriously with utmost sensitivity as the same act is illegal and the notice so issued is without any Authority, the order issued by the state Home department said.

A large number of Relief Camps are operating in the districts where many children, old aged persons, pregnant and lactating mothers, and specially-abled persons are residing, and their regular care is being taken. Disbursement of third assistance for the purchase of clothing and personal belongings at the rate of Rs. 1,000 per person is scheduled to start for the residents of Relief Camps, it added.

Examinations of the CBSE Board have started and state boards are due from February 27 for which preparations are in full swing, it mentioned.

“In view of the above and the importance of upholding the integrity of the government Institutions and establishments, the governor of Manipur is pleased to order that no one shall or attempt to make any deliberate effort to follow or enforce the above notice at any cost. In case of any violation of the orders, the person(s) concerned without any exception shall be booked and prosecuted under the relevant provision of law of land for the time being in force.”

“‘No work, No pay’ shall also be enforced by all the state government institutions against those employees who do not attend their official duty without authorised leave,” the order said.

All central and state government authorities and management authorities of institutions are also advised to ensure strict attendance of staff and students as usual. All district magistrates and superintendents of police of all districts shall take up necessary action to enforce the above orders. They shall also readily address the genuine grievances of any citizen of their district, the order issued by Dr. Vineet Joshi, chief secretary said.

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