Kill all ‘Imas’ to continue violence: Thawai Meerel

Imphal: Kill all the Imas (mothers) first if creating tension has to continue among Meitei community, said Thawai Meerel, a civil organisation in Manipur, on Sunday.

While people of Manipur are facing the nine months long crisis in the state tension among the Meitei community has been erupted in the last few days, co-convenor of Thawai Meerel, Paonam Sanahanbi told reporters at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, Imphal on Sunday.

She said women folks of Manipur feel disappointed at the bomb blast incident on DM College campus and arson of various CSOs offices occurred on Friday.

People of Manipur have been suffering for over nine months and it is not time to create tension among the Meitei community, she added.

“Let’s the past be bygone. Everyone need to be cautioned against repeating similar incident in the future”, she said.

She said by creating tension among each other will not bring solution for any sort of problem.

She appealed the state government to control the situation at the earliest.

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