Who is ‘unified command’ of Manipur? Take away central forces which are of no use: Imagi Meira

Imphal: Imagi Meira, a women’s organisation has questioned, “Who is the ‘unified command of law and order of Manipur’ and why no action has been taken transparently over the last eight months of violence in the state?”

Convenor of the organisation, Th. Sujata, talking to reporters at Manipur Press Club, here, on Sunday said, “While the 10 Kuki MLAs can highlight their demand for separate administration and to withdraw state forces from border town Moreh, why are the remaining MLAs and chief minister N. Biren Singh not able to put their stance before the central government?”

“Why are they very scared of the central government?” She questioned.

“It is heard that the MLAs and ministers will resign from their posts. If they wanted to resign then they could submit their resignation letter instead of repeating the similar drama of resignation of CM Biren Singh. There are many qualified MLAs and ministers who can be chief minister of Manipur,” she said.

“How long do the people of Manipur have to bear the drama of chief minister?”

She said that on January 11, the representatives of Imagi Meira and security advisor, Kuldiep Singh had a meeting. “During the meeting, Kuldiep admitted that due to some security lapses, four villagers were killed at Kumbi Haotak and told them to find out who is the unified command. He also told the representatives of Imagi Meira that in every security meet the chief minister takes the chair,” she added.

“During the first security meet conducted on July 3 last year, Biren took the chair of the meeting,” said Sujata. “In another meeting with the governor, the representatives of the women’s group demanded the deployment of additional security forces in Moreh as the armed Kuki militants were attacking the state forces openly. The governor told them that she would be going to attend a meeting with the President of India at Meghalaya on January 19. She assured them that she would highlight the report of the present situation of Manipur to the President and union home minister,” Sujata said.

She said the present scenario shows that all the 60 MLAs are corrupt and due to this reason, they are not able to press the central government to end the present crisis in Manipur.

“The government has the capacity to guard the vulnerable peripheral areas and there is no need for village volunteers to guard their villages. The central government must withdraw all the security forces that are deployed to control the crisis if the central forces are not going protect the people of Manipur,” she added.

“The people of Manipur want a positive outcome, the people want to know who is the unified command,” Sujata said.

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