Talks between Arambai Tengol and Manipur legislators ends peacefully

Imphal: The talks between Arambai Tengol and legislators of Manipur on the ongoing Manipur crisis were taken at Kangla, the sacred historical site of Manipur, on Wednesday and ended peacefully.

Large numbers of Arambai Tengol volunteers gathered in Imphal streets during the talks. Media persons were not allowed to enter the Kangla. Members of Arambai Tengol led by Korounganba narrated the talks at Khwairamband Imphal Keithel in a large public gathering.

Korounganba said they had placed their demands on the legislators to restore peace in the state. He said the legislators sworn at Kangla to work to save Manipur from narco-terrorism and external aggression.

“They (legislators) said they will press the Centre to act positively to bring peace in the state. If the Centre does not listen, they said, they will take steps with the people,” Korounganba said.

Thirty-four members of the Manipur Legislative Assembly on Sunday resolved that the Suspension of Operation (SoO) with militants who indulge in killing innocent civilians and violate ground rules should be abrogated immediately. They told the Centre that SoO agreements with the armed militant groups, and the immunity it provides to these groups from a firm reaction from Central forces, is the main cause of the never-ending cycle of violence.

The SoO agreement with other militant groups who also indulge in anti-state activities should not be extended beyond its expiry date of 29/2/2024, the legislators had demanded among other demands. The legislators had resolved that the Government of India should take appropriate action at the earliest.

Korounganba said a 15-day time was given to the state leaders to work out for the restoration of peace in the state.

Arambai Tengol demands the Centre to strict 1951 as the base year for NRC and deport illegal immigrants, to withdraw SoO with Kuki militants and take action against them, to send the Myanmar refugees at the state detention centres to Mizoram, complete border fencing, to replace Assam Rifles who remain silent on poppy cultivation in their jurisdiction by other paramilitary forces and to tick out Kuki illegal immigrants from ST list.

Except chief minister N. Biren Singh, all the Meitei legislators, Lok Sabha MP RK Ranjan and Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba took part in the meeting at Kangla. However, the chief minister signed in a list of signatories on the document of the agreement brought.

Khwairamband Ima Keithel and all establishments were shut down on Wednesday. The Republic Day rehearsal has been postponed to Thursday.

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