Plea to book rumour mongers on Lilong incident

Imphal: Wangkhei Kendra Peace Committee has urged state government to book those individuals who spread rumors on social media with half cooked information of Lilong incident as it could lead to communal unwanted incidents.

Chairman of the peace committee, RK Gokulchandra Singh told reporters on Tuesday at Citizen’s club, Soibam Leikai, Imphal East that an unwanted incident was occurred at Lilong in which four individuals were dead and at least 10 were sustained injuries. After the incident some of the individuals are spreading rumors with half cooked information on social media which could mislead people of the Meitei and Meitei Pangal.

He appealed the people not to spread rumors and urged the state government to book those who are spreading rumors on social media in connection with the incident.

President of Meitei Pangal Council Manipur (MPCM), Haji Arafat Ali said he strongly condemned the Lilong incident moreover, he expressed disappointment on spreading rumors on social media which could mislead people of the two communities (Meitei and Meitei Pangal.

To clarify the people of Manipur in connection with the incident, MPCM along with Wangkhei Kendra Peace Committee and representatives of other communities who are inhabited in Wangkhei Assembly Constituency conducted an emergency meeting on Monday night in order to prevent the people from the rumors.

Ali appreciated the people for understanding the situation that the Lilong incident was not related to any communal violence.

Meitei and Meitei Pangal have been settling together since forefather by safeguarding Manipur on various occasions he said. Heappealed the people not to pass hatred comments on social media for peaceful coexistence.

Meanwhile, after some rumors surfaced on social media, representatives of CSOs of both Meitei and Meitei Pangal and renowned persons including MLAs delivered message on social media not to follow the rumors that could mislead the society.

As a part of the preventive measures initiated by the state government, indefinite curfew was imposed on late evening of Monday in five valley districts.

Later on Tuesday concerned DCs updated order for curfew relaxation from 5 am to 10 pm until further order.

Representatives of Telis of Wangkhei Assembly Constituency also attended the press conference.

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