Kabui celebrates Gaan-Ngai festival

Imphal: Five-day Gaan-Ngai festival of Kabui community has begun and at state level celebration was observed at Keishamthong Kabui Kailong, Imphal West district on Tuesday.

The festival is celebrated under the theme “Spread Love Everywhere you go”. It is celebrated by the Kabui community living in Manipur, Assam and Nagaland.

Gaan-Ngal is a Kabui language. This customary festival has rolled down from the earliest forefather and preliterate period of Kabui. Kabui is the stake holder of Gaan Ngai festival, Rih-Ngai, Ne-nuh Ngai, Malengmei (Gu-dui Ngai), Gin-Ki Ngai etc which have been observing from time immemorial. It is the non-perishable culture of Kabui.

The First Day of Gaan Ngai is called Ngai Gangmei. The Second day is called Ngai Dai, Third Day is Tuna Gan Ngai, the Fourth Day is Rongku mei/Rongluimei Ngai and the Fifth Day is Nap Chan Ngai. On the Six Day, the Kabui Village Authority (Pei Members/Thoubei) perform Customary ritual at the northern part of the village, which is called Raaren Loumei.

The festival started by shouting “Hoi” by elders and youths by igniting the sacred fire in traditional method.

The tradition of extraction of fire to lit a bonfire by Kabui and the fire is distributed to every household on the first day of Gaan Ngai to drive away evil spirits, and for prosperity and longevity of human life with good personality.

MLA Thongam Shanti as chief guest of the function said relationship between Kabui and Meitei has been there since time immemorial. The relationship between the Kabui and Meitei are highlighted in the famous ‘Moirang Kangleirol’.

In Moirang Kangleirol one Kabui priest ‘Kabui Salang Maiba’ took a major role. People of the present should be aware of the relationship between Kabui and Meitei which is also related to the Manipuri culture, he said.

If the indigenous communities of Manipur are united then no outsiders can destroy the identity of Manipur.

President of Kabui Union Manipur K. Heera Kabui said Gaan-Ngai is a Kabui language. In Kabui language Ganmei means light and Ngaimei means festival, from the two words ‘Gaan Ngai’ was formed which means ‘festival of light’.

Kabui Union, Kabui Customary Council, Manipur and Pei, Keishamthong Kabui jointly wished everyone far and wide irrespective of caste and creed for Peace and Prosperity of the state.

Governor Anusuiya Uikey and chief minister N. Biren Singh have greeted the people of Manipur especially the Kabui community with best wishes of joy and peaceful co-existence in the state.

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