‘Respect corpses, 22 Meiteis still missing’

Imphal: President of State Shiv Sena Manipur Unit, M. Tombi has expressed respect for dead persons stating there are 22 persons belonging to Meitei community still missing, in connection with the present unrest in Manipur.

Tombi was talking to reporters at its state party head office, here on Saturday. He said as per the direction of the Supreme Court, 55 bodies of Kuki who died during the Meitei-Kuki conflict have been handed over to their family members.

The Meitei community respects the bodies and that is why for the last over 7 months the bodies were kept at mortuary. If the Meitei community did not respect the corpses, they could have been burnt into ashes, he added.

On the other hand, 22 Meiteis are still missing and some of the suspects in connection with the missing case have been arrested. If the suspects or the culprits were arrested, why the government is not able to find out those missing bodies, he questioned.

Shiv Sena is disappointed that the heads of JNIMS and RIMS were not informed while taking out the bodies from the respective mortuaries, he said.

Both the centre and state government should reconsider why many students, farmers and daily wage workers of Meitei community started handling arms.

What is the hidden agenda of both the government for not taking any action against the 10 Kuki Zo MLAs who tried to disintegrate the territorial boundary of Manipur, he questioned?

“immediate action could be taken against them if the MLAs belong to Shiv Sena”, Tombi said.

He said Manipur is the only land route that can connect other Asian countries by passing Myanmar and without Manipur on India’s map, the country cannot bring development by connecting southeast Asian countries.

He appealed to the central government to find the missing people and hand them over to their respective families.

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