‘No financial donation without clubs consent’

Imphal: No donation in the form of money on present crisis in Manipur will be allowed in Hatta Golapati area, Imphal East without the consent of local clubs, to avoid people who are seeking financial assistance from public in the name of helping crisis -hit people, said president of Meitei Pangal Council Manipur (MPCM), Haji Arafat Ali Tampak.

Haji was talking to reporters on Thursday at its Hatta Golapati office, Imphal East.

In the name of helping the internally displaced people, many people are seeking donation from public for their vested interest, he said.

Local clubs of Hatta Golapati area including MHGAU, GESCDO, GHYVO, MHSWU, UDO, MMLDO and UMGDC have been providing necessary assistance to many of the relief camps from time to time, he added.

The people staying under the jurisdiction of the local clubs are also giving donation for internally displace people at various relief camp. In the midst, some people are taking advantage and forcibly seek for monetary donation from people frequently, he added.

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