Call for unification against ‘threat to national security’ 

Imphal: The Meitei Leepun has called upon all indigenous communities of Manipur to unite against ‘threat to national security’.

The Meitei Leepun urgently addresses the unlawful entry of individuals, purportedly from the Kuki community, into Manipur, exploiting indigenous tribal protections outlined in the Indian Constitution, the Meitei Leepun said in a press statement released on Wednesday.

“These illegal immigrants are reportedly enjoying benefits, infiltrating sectors like the bureaucracy, posing a severe threat to India’s national security.”

The Meitei Leepun calls upon all indigenous people of Manipur to unite against this alleged threat. Reports highlight this illegal Kuki community’s involvement in the illicit occupation of reserved and protected forests, spreading misinformation, and distorting our shared history with the indigenous Nagas, the Meitei Leepun said.

Beyond local concerns, this situation has significant implications for national security.

The organisation advocates for collective vigilance and unity among the community, urging law enforcement to thoroughly investigate these allegations and take necessary actions. Preserving Manipur’s cultural and historical fabric is paramount in the face of these challenges, it added.

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