Guv, CM greet Manipur people on Nupi Lal

Imphal: Manipur governor Anusuiya Uikey and chief minister N. Biren Singh on Monday extended greetings wishes to the people of Manipur on the occasion of Nupi Lal to be observed on Tuesday.

It is quite befitting to remember those large number of Manipuri women who fought against the oppressive economic and administrative policies of Manipur Maharaja and the then British Government in Manipur in the year, 1939. They stormed at the State Durbar Office asking for immediate stoppage of rice export, in which around 21 women were injured from the bayonets and butts of soldiers’ weapons on December 12, 1939. The day is remembered as Nupi (Women) Lal (War) Numit (Day), the governor said in her greetings.

It is, indeed, an event of great significance in the history of the state. The revolt of women against the monopolistic administration signifies the importance of women in the state and their role in the society. “I appeal to the people of Manipur to follow the path of these brave Manipuri mothers who stood up against injustice and fought for their rights for a prosperous and peaceful state,” she added.

“I greet the people of the State on the auspicious day of Nupilal Numit, a day that celebrates the courage, sacrifices, and patriotism of the Manipuri women,” Biren said in his greetings.

“The day reminds us of the power of women in any society. On December 12, 1939, our brave Emas (mothers) came to the forefront in revolting against the exploitative system of the British imperialists and stopped rice export which had triggered an artificial famine in the state.”

Their courage continues to inspire all future generations and even today. Women of Manipur play a vital role in many socio-political and reformative movements. They continue to lead from the front, Biren said.

“Our Emas are our pride and an important element of the Manipuri identity. I join the people of Manipur in paying tribute to the brave Emas of the state,” he added.

The state government has taken up preparations to observe the day at Nupi Lal complex and at GP Women’s College, here.

Floral tribute will be paid to the departed souls of those who took part in the revolt. Chief minister N. Biren Singh will be the chief guest of the function.

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