‘Bharat Nyay Yatra’ led by Rahul Gandhi to be launched at Imphal

Imphal: Led by Rahul Gandhi, ‘Bharat Nyay Yatra’ (East to West) from Manipur to Mumbai will be launched at Imphal on January 14, next year.

After the completion of ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ the Indian National Congress (INC) aims to launch Nyay yatra with the objectives to get justice on democracy, economy, women, employment and different social problems.

President of INC, Mallikarjun Kharge will flag off the yatra (journey) from Imphal. It targets to reach Mumbai on March 20.

President of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), K. Meghachandra said different MPs, CMs, MLAs, former CMs, intellectuals, social workers, leaders from different organisations will participate the journey.

Citizens of Manipur has been witnessing the divide and rule policy played by the present ‘double engine government’ in which many of the people across the state are allegedly victimized with the atrocities of the present government. To get justice of the victims ‘Bharat Nyay Yatra’ is being organised, Meghachandra said.

Like ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ the journey of ‘Bharat Nyay Yatra’ of total distance of 6,200 kilometre will be launched with a peace walk from Imphal led by Rahul Gandhi crossing through 14 different states and 85 districts till Mumbai. Most of the journey will be done by walking but in some areas the participants will be ferried in buses, he added.

MPCC invites all the members of MPCC and other members from like-minded political parties and others to participate in the journey.

On June 29, a convoy led by Rahul Gandhi was blocked at Bishnupur while trying to reach Churchandpur to meet the internally displaced people at relief camps. The journey was said to be a part of ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’.

Highlighting the present unrest of Manipur, Meghachandra said the double engine government has been shouting that the government is trying at its level best to bring back normalcy but no developments are seen.

He claimed that the double engine BJP government is not able to solve the issue of Manipur and due to the reason people are suffering for the last 8 months. “How long are the people going to suffer?”

Recalling the statement of Rahul Gandhi, MPCC president said with the help of Indian army the violence of Manipur can be suppressed within some hours. What the hidden agenda of BJP government for not stopping the violence is, he questioned.

Recently, chief minister N. Biren Singh; state BJP president, A. Sharda Devi observed ‘good governance day’ on December 25, in connection with the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he said.

“They should be ashamed of observing the day in Manipur at this present scenario.”

Due to the present unrest over 60,000 people have been displaced and many houses were destroyed. The state government’s initiative to launch Manipur State Transport Bus service was failed. Considering the present unrest the state government’s ‘go to hills’ and ‘go to village’ mission has already failed.

The ‘good governance day’ that was observed in Manipur was a ‘self-styled good governance day’ observation, Meghachandra claimed.

Recently the central government gave a Indian Naval Ship as ‘Imphal’, Meghachandra said instead of giving name of Imphal to an Indian Naval Ship, Narendra Modi government should prioritised on solving the burning issue of Manipur, he said.

Is the double engine government waiting for upcoming election to bring peace in Manipur? If the government wanted to bring back normalcy in Manipur then it could be brought easily without waiting for election, he added.

He appealed the Biren led government to remain in the government by holding their respective chairs, but should prioritize on solving the present unrest of Manipur.

Meghachandra, responding to reporters, said the schedule of the journey was yet to be finalised as the national highways of Manipur are not fully opened. It is in the hand of state government whether the ‘Bharat Nyay Yatra’ will be allowed to move along the national highways of Manipur or not, he added.

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