Play on Maharaja Kulachandra staged, Biren assures to reconstruct Rupmahal

Imphal: “Iningthou Kulachandra”, the 246th stage play of the Rupmahal Theatre, under Chief Ministergi Artiste Sing Gi Tengbang (CMAT), was premiered at the Rupmahal Theatre, here on Wednesday.

The play Iningthou Kulachandra will educate the present and future generations of Maharaja Kulachandra’s spirit and sacrifices, said chief minister N. Biren Singh while attending the play’s premiere show.

Kulachandra was the king of Manipur (1890-1891).

Biren highlighted the historical importance of the Rupmahal Theatre and assured to reconstruct the theatre at the cost of around Rs 4 crore.

Theatre has a big role in bringing a change to society, he said, highlighting the importance of various art forms like theatre, cinema, etc.

Biren also spoke of the state’s prowess in the fields of art, culture and sports and said the CMAT was launched to support the artistes of the state. He highlighted the importance of promoting and encouraging Thang-ta amongst the younger generation and said Thang-ta not only keeps a person physically fit, but also instills discipline.

“There seems to be a loss of nationalistic feeling and discipline for the elders among the people,” he said.

He said he was personally struck by certain deeds of Maharaj Kulachandra and wanted to highlight his story, and said the play will give the message of the sacrifices of our leaders.

Further highlighting the significance and importance of historical events, Biren stated that a film is being made on the ‘Seven Years Devastation’ and heroes like Maharaj Gambhir Singh, Maharaj Nar Singh, Heerachandra.

On the present situation in the state, the chief minister urged all to face the challenges, hardships today for a strong future and reassured that there will be no compromise from his part in protecting and safeguarding the state.

The function was also attended by minister Heikham Dingo Singh, artistes among others.

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