7 bunkers destroyed, weapons recovered in Manipur

Imphal: Security forces have destroyed bunkers and recovered arms, explosives and ammunitions from Imphal different parts of Manipur during search operations amid Meitei-Kuki conflict.

Search operations were conducted by security forces in the fringe and vulnerable areas of Imphal West, Imphal East, Thoubal, Kakching, Bishnupur and Churachandpur districts, on Wednesday.

Seven bunkers (5 bunkers at Phaimol hill near Thamnapokpi village and 2 bunkers at Shanti Khongbal) were destructed in Imphal East district by combined security forces.

One arms (Japan made 6 round revolver MK-S) and two explosives ( 36 HE hand brenades) were recovered from Kakching Moramba Chingol area, Kakching district. Two arms ( one carbine with magazine and one 9 mm pistol with magazine) and one MI6 empty magazine were recovered near lower vanal between Irengbam and Keinou, Bishnupur district. Two arms (carbine with magazine) were recovered from Heichanglok village, Churachandpur district. Five arms ( two 7.62 mm SLR Rifles with two magazines , one M1 assault rifle with magazin, one country made pistol with  agazine, one SBML bun), seve country made pumpi guns, 38 ammunitions ( eight 7.62 mm spiner ammunitions, ten 7.62 M16 ammunitions, five AK-47 ammunitions, five 5.56 mm INSAS ammunitions, ten 9 mm Ammunitions USA made), 16 explosives (15 improvised bombs, one local made bamboo bomb) along with 4.175 Kg of gun lowder and 42 electric detonators were recovered from L. Cananphai, Churachandpur district.

One person, Leichombam Imocha Singh, 46, son of Leichombam Charai Singh of Leimaram Mamang Leikai, Bishnupur who was abducted by unknown armed miscreants was rescued by Bishnupur District Police from Irengbam Mamang Makha Leikai and later handed over to his family at Nambol Police station, Manipur Police Control Room said.

During the last 24 hours, the situation in the State was tense but under control, it added.

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