Sarda blames Congress on Kuki Separate Administration demand

Imphal: BJP Manipur president A. Sarda Devi counters questions to media when asked about the demand for Kuki Separate Administration by 10 MLAs, including eight from the BJP, blaming to the previous Congress government for the president outcome.

“It’s not the BJP’s MLAs who demanded separate administration,” Sarda responded to media about the party’s stance on its eight MLAs, including two ministers, who demanded a separate administration in Manipur.

She urged against blaming the BJP, emphasising that the root cause of this demand dated back to the time when the Congress government converted four Gram Panchayats (GPs) in Imphal West into Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) and renamed the Thangjing Hill Range to Thangting.

She questioned the media about the GP conversions into ADCs and the renaming of Thangjing Hill, diverting attention from the controversy surrounding the BJP MLAs’ involvement in the separate administration demand.

“None of the Meitei MLAs from the BJP demanded a separate administration. It’s inaccurate to claim that BJP MLAs requested separate administration,” Sarda said.

When the media persisted in emphasising the role of BJP MLAs, Sarda replied, “Have BJP MLAs attacked or harmed the Meiteis of Manipur? Do you genuinely believe that BJP MLAs would harm the Meitei people?”

On measures for resettling displaced victims, she mentioned that progress has begun in four districts.

Restoring normalcy in Manipur would take time. The government’s maximum efforts toward resettlement were steps to restore normalcy, she said.

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