Ruling MLAs keep mum due to G20 Summit, Why Kuldiep unable to stop Manipur crisis?: MLA Joykisan

Imphal: MLAs in the Manipur government were silent over the Manipur crisis as advised by the Centre to remain silent till the end of G20 Summit, MLA Kh. Joykisan said blaming  security advisor, Kuldiep Singh, who is the unified command of law and order of Manipur, for his ineffectiveness in stopping the crisis.

A team of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) can arrest some suspects in connection with the brutal killing of two students in 3-4 days. Why can’t the security advisor stop the ongoing violence for the last 5 months? Joykisan questioned.

Joykisan was speaking to reporters on Monday at a relief camp in Imphal where 154th Gandhi Jayenti was celebrated by TAKDO, Khoyathong, Imphal West.

People have been saying that the two students could be traced out from Joujangtek area, but, no clue of whereabouts of the two students were found. However, after some pictures of the two missing students went viral on September 27, Union Home minister deputed a team of CBI and the team arrested four suspects in connection with the murder case on Sunday, the MLA said.

He appreciated the swift action of the CBI team.

“When the CBI team can arrest suspects involved in murder case of two students within few days, why the security advisor is not able to stop violence that has been occurring in the state for the last 5 months,” Joykisan said.

“Kuldiep Singh is not interested in bringing peace in Manipur and due to his ineffectiveness of being Unified Command of law and order of Manipur, the state is still burning,” he alleged.

“While he was deputed as unified command of Manipur by Union Home minister, was he advised to remain as a silent spectator on the gunfights that has been occurring in the peripheral areas.”

“I am a representative of the people and people question what constructive steps has been taken up under his command. We do not need such ineffective security advisor who is not interested to bring peace in Manipur,” Joykisan said.

The MLAs of the ruling government were instructed to remain silent till the end of G20 submit, he said.

The G20 Summit began in December last year and it was held on September 9 and 10 in Delhi.

After the end of the G20, many students were brutally assaulted by security forces even some of them sustained bullet injuries. Who gave the command to initiate the action against the students? Kuldiep Singh should clarify to the public, said Joykisan.

Besides, NIA has arrested a prime accused in a case related to transnational conspiracy by Myanmar and Bangladesh based leadership of terror outfits to wage war against the Indian Union by exploiting the current ethnic unrest in Manipur, he added.

Joykisan urged the authority concerned to investigate more to find out the culprits involved in instigating the crisis.

He urged the CBI team to find out the bodies of the two students ‘as the members of the bereaved families will remain unrest untill the bodies are found’.

To encourage the CBI team the MLA announced a reward of Rs 2 lakh on finding out the missing bodies.

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