Meitei Leepun hopes for prosperous Manipur

Imphal: “It is our hope and aspirations that under the able leadership of Prime Minister of India and our beloved and visionary honourable Chief Minister N. Biren Singhji the indigenous people of Manipur will prosper and live with dignity and security and be part of the 21st century’s India,” Meitei Leepun said in a press statement released on Tuesday.

“The steps taken up by the Government of India and the Government of Manipur are appreciated and we believe in the integrity and professionalism of our armed forces,” Meitei Leepun said.

It said since May 3, an intense wave of un-provoked violence towards Meiteis with murdering hundreds of them and vandalising their houses by Kukis in Manipur has been going on and the subsequent retaliation from Meiteis led the state to total turmoil till today, it added.

It is to elucidate that, the Meitei Leepun proclaimed since the outset of the unrest that the Manipur violence is an armed attack on India by illegal immigrants based in south and south east asian region that, it was never a mere ethnic violence between the Kukis and Meiteis indigenous, it added.

On June 6 during an interview with “The Wire”, Pramot Singh, chief of Meitei Leepun had clearly mentioned that the Manipur unrest is a foreign aggression against the India by Kuki Militants based in Bangla-desh and Myanmar, it said.

“We may recall that there were identical statements made by the Union Home minister in the August house of Parliament and External Affairs minister on Manipur violence.”

Furthermore, on the September 30 the National Investigation Agency said that their investigation has revealed that the Kuki militant groups based in Myanmar and Bangladesh have entered into a conspiracy with a section of Kuki militant leaders in India to launch a preplan violence with an intention to wage war against India. “For this, we have been demanding the Union and Manipur Government to intervene and drive out illegal immigrants from our country to save indigenous people of Manipur,” Meitei Leepun said.

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