Gujarat social worker appears to help displaced children in Manipur

Imphal: Sanjay Tula, a Gujarat based social worker met Manipur governor Anusuiya Uikey at Raj Bhavan on Wednesday and expressed his interest to help internationally displaced children during Manipur crisis.

Tula highlighted the activities taken up by his organisation called Vishwagram in various parts of the country for affected children in natural or manmade disaster.

He expressed his willingness to reach out and extend help to the internally displaced children taking refuge in various relief camps in Manipur due to the ongoing ethnic clashes in the state by providing children with trauma counseling in the form of creative activities and also to coordinate education for them.

The governor informed the ground situation of the children in relief camps. She said healing and mental peace for the children is the need of the hour

The governor encouraged him to take up activities that will bring out the children from the trauma experienced from the conflict.

She also mentioned that government have already started the resettlement work for the internally displaced persons and those in relief camps have started indulging in self sustenance tasks like making incense stick – agarbhati, handloom and handicrafts activities for their financial stability.

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