Who, other than we, would protect Manipur? : Arambai Tengol to people

Imphal: “Who, other than we, would protect our motherland (Manipur)? We (Manipur natives) only can protect it like our forefathers did, said Arambai leader while paying tribute to heroes who sacrificed their lives protecting people from the attacks of Narco-terrorists, in a gathering at Thangmeiband Athletic Union ground here on Saturday.

Arambai Tengol is a group of youth who emerged as people defence warrior group when the armed Kuki-Zo terrorists started attacking Meitei villages to occupy them on May 3.

“The blood of our forefathers, who fought for the motherland for more than five thousand years, are flowing within us. We are reviving the sacred forefathers’ blood as Arambai Tengol. Everyone who come out for the motherland are all Arambai warriors,” the commander-in-chief of Arambai said.

“The battle has not yet begun. Preparations are yet to complete. Out of 14-15 lakh of Meitei, not even 1 lakh of Meitei have appeared. This is shameful.”

During the gathering at Thangmeiband, tribute was paid to the portraits of 13 Arambai Tengol warriors and 73 defenders who died fighting Kuki-Zo terrorists attacks.

Holding seven-coloured flag of Manipur, the Arambai warriors marched a rally in Imphal city towards Kangla, a sacred heritage site of Manipur natives. They shouted, “Blood for Blood”.

They took oath to sacrifice for the sake motherland at Kangla in the name Lord Pakhangba and Lord Sanamahi.

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