Tapta announces musical concert at ritual sites

Imphal: Renowned singer Loukrakpam Jayenta popular as “Tapta” has announced to organise his musical concert at scared places that were destroyed and arsoned by Kuki.

Tapta decides to launch his concert ar Koubru hill.

He made the announcement during release of his song titled as “Kukiland 11” at Sanamahi Temple Board, Hayingkhongbal, near 1st Manipur Rifles ground, here.

“I will be singing at scared places that has been destroyed and arsoned during the turmoil including Koubru hill, Thangjing hill, Ima Kondong Lairembi, Kongba Maru and others. I want to sing my songs freely and I do not want to see any guns at my concert,” said Tapta.

Many scared places of Meitei that are located at hills of Manipur have been destroyed and arsoned by Kuki.

Tapta has produced series of songs related to current situations of Manipur for the past many years and most of the songs have been a good taste to the people of Manipur.

After the May 3 incident, the renowned singer started producing a series of his song under the title “Kukiland”. Till date the singer has produced 11 songs under the tittle.

Tapta said he had produced 10 songs under ‘Kukiland” and the 11th Kukiland song is dedicated to the Meitei martyred who had sacrificed their lived for the protection of Manipur integrity.

He said the womenfolks of Manipur are taking a major role during the crisis and all the people are participating in the present crisis directly or indirectly.

“I am also a warrior. Being an artiste I am fighting the war through my songs by narrating current issues of Manipur crisis”, Tapta said.

From Langban (Manipuri month), Tapta said, he will be producing two songs related to the issue, each months, he added.

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