Non-locals demand for justice to two students

Imphal: Devalaya Committee of Thangal Bazaar has strongly condemned killing of two innocent students by suspected Kuki militants and urged the authority concerned to book the culprits.

The committee held a candle lighting ceremony for the two students, Hijam Linthoingambi and Phijam Hemanjit at Kalibari in front of Kali Mandir, Thangal Bazaar, here on Saturday. It was participated by non-locals residents in Manipur.

A member of the committee, Anjan Kumar Das said the members of the committee strongly condemn the killing of the two innocent students and urged the state, central government and the agency who is handling the case to find out the bodies and book the culprits involved in the crime.

Das appealed the state and central government to solve the present crisis and restore normalcy in Manipur.

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