“No more trips to Delhi, call PM Modi here” says demonstrators protesting against ‘AR assault on Meitei’ 

Imphal: Demonstrators at Wangoi Bazar hold placard embedded “No more trips to Delhi, call PM Modi here” while staging a sit-in rally by women folks of 14 localities of Wangoi area under the banner “Sit-in-protest against Assam Rifles’ Brutal Assault on Meitei Civilians” supported by Youth Development Union Club.

Civil Society Organisations, ministers MLAs have been visiting Delhi to urge the central leaders for a solution to Narco-terrorism and ethnic crisis in Manipur that erupted on May 3, the day Kuki started attacking Meitei by burning houses and killing people with the support of armed Kuki militants.

Twenty-three MLAs have left Imphal for Delhi as promised to Youth of Manipur (a group that arises out of the present issue), to persuade the central leaders to bring a solution to the present crisis at the earliest.

Locals from Wangoi, Samurou, Naorem, Oinam Sawombung, Wangoi Pangal, Khaidem, Leiphrakpam, Laiphrakpam Wangma, Iram Siphai, Yumnam Huidrom, Wangoi Kabui, Thiyam, Thongkhong and Luxmi Bazar were participated in the protest.

Sagolsem Asha, a protestor told reporters that people have witnessed on different occasions bias action of Assam Rifles which is meant to protect the people equally irrespective of caste, creed and community. Women of Wangoi area strongly condemn the act of Assam Rifles in the present turmoil.

She said during the Pallel incident on September 8, Assam Rifles personnel in the name of controlling the mob fired tear gas shells, live bullets and assaulted the women protestors intentionally to hurt the unarmed women protestors.

Among the injured from the Assam Rifles action 10 were from Samurou and Wangoi. Some of them recieved bullet injuries, she claimed.

Various incidents were witness in Manipur where Assam Rifles personnel assaulted the public brutally. The central paramilitary forces were not deployed to save the public as seem to kill people. There is no need of staying these forces in Manipur, she added.

Drawing the attention of leaders of the state government, she said they should take immediate steps to remove the paramilitary forces from Manipur, said Asha.

The demonstrators also hold placard that read “Remove the infamous Assam Rifles from the soil of Manipur”, “We condemn Assam Rifles and their brutalities on Meitei civilians”, and “Enough is enough, no more Kukis, no more AR” and others.

There has been allegations from various sections alleging Assam Rifles of supporting the armed Kuki-Zo groups.

In a sit-in staged at Khoyathong, here, women protestors demanded to remove Assam Rifles from Manipur among other demands to restore peace and push away Kuki to their ‘own country’.

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