No hope to security force: IPOM

Imphal: After two protestors were succumbed to bullet injury of reportedly fired by Assam Rifles personnel people starts losing hope from central forces deployed in Manipur to protect people, said vice president of Indigenous People’s Organisation Manipur (IPOM), Chandramani Khumancha.

Chandramani was speaking during a one day discussion on conflict situation held at High School Community Hall, Heibongpokpi, Imphal West, on Monday.

The programme was organized by Apunba Naharol Association, Heibongpokpi in coordination with IPOM.

He said IPOM has been spreading awareness at various places of Manipur as a campaign, who is going to save Meitei community. “Many issues are in front of us and the society has witnessed who the enemy of the society are.”

Kuki militants continues to attack the Meitei community and people hope that the central forces and state forces will protect from the attack. On the contrary, central forces started shooting towards the Meitei community openly, the Pallel incident where two protestors succumbed to bullet injury reportedly fired from Assam Rifles is an example, he added.

If the situation is not handled in time then it is sure that the Meitei community will be banished from Manipur. To protect and safeguard the Meitei community, the insurgents of Manipur should start doing political dialogue with the central government. It would be the only way to protect the Meitei community, said Chandramani.

He said IPOM will continue such campaign at various place of Manipur in order to save Meitei in Manipur.

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