Manipur crisis: 23 MLAs resolve to safeguard Manipur, to press Centre for ending crisis

Imphal: Twenty-three MLAs in the ruling BJP Manipur government have handed Youths of Manipur their resolution to safeguard Manipur, on Monday night.

Large number of youth of the Youths of Manipur group stormed at chief minister’s secretariat to make the Manipur legislators pledge to protect Manipur from Kuki-Zo attempt to separate the state since May 3 mayhem.

They demanded to take legal action against 10 Kuki MLAs who challenge against Manipur’s integrity.

The resolution of the MLAs reads as ‘it is unanimously resolved by all the undersigned members (23) of the Legislative Assembly that we would stand for the territorial integrity of the State of Manipur and that no form of separate administration will be agreed to by us’.

“It was also resolved that all members would be proceeding to Delhi soon to persuade the central leadership to bring a solution to the current crisis at the earliest.”

The youths were told that the MLAs will move to Delhi on Wednesday.

Reading out the resolution by a Youth leader, cautioned the MLAs and Manipur government that they should be responsible for any outcome against the resolutions.

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