Legal notice served over riot cause in Manipur crisis

Imphal: National general secretary and north east in charge, Lok Jan Shakti Party (Ram Vilas) and state general secretary Janata Dal (United) have served legal notice against retired major Amit Bansal and retired major general Yash Mor for intention to cause riot and promoting enmity between different communities in Manipur.

State general secretary, Janata Dal (United), Manipur state unit, Sanglakpam Preshyojit Sharma told reporters here on Monday that Amit Bansal and Yash Mor as guest and interviewer respectively of a “You Tube” social media channel, “MOR TALKS” in episode number 61, uploaded on the August 13, make defamatory remarks against the people of Manipur, particularly the Meitei people with the intention to cause riot and promoting enmity between different communities.

He said the statements made in the episode 61 of the programme falsely blamed the Meitei community and courts are also one sided in the current conflicts in the state of Manipur.

During the programme, Amit Bansal falsely accused that the people of Manipur are very highly polarised including high-ranking police officers and army officer without citing any tangible evidence, he added.

Amit said during that programme the main reason of the present ethnic clash in Manipur is Meitei community’s desire to occupy Kuki dominated areas, without knowing about the present crisis, he added.

The retired major also stated in the same interview that the Kuki community was the original settlers of Manipur and the Meetei community came much later. It is a blatant lie and against the established records and history of Manipur. This outrageous and irresponsible statement may also further aggravate the current volatile situation in Manipur, said Preshyojit.

Amit during the interview expressed that the Meira Paibi of Manipur as a whole are taking laws in their hands and they punished wrong doers by themselves without handing over to the police. He also alleged that Meira Paibi help in raping the Kuki community ladies, he added.

“This type of false, unfounded, and malicious statements are very much intended to malign the reputation of the Meira Paibis who are respected by the people of Manipur.”

Preshyojit said both the guest and interviewer of the said programme should apologise through media within 15 days from the date of receipt of the legal notice for marking defamatory statements against Meitei community without proper evidence.

Legal action will be taken against both the person through competent court of law or authority if they fail to make the apology within the deadline, Preshyojit cautioned.

The legal notice was served on September 22 through advocate Aribam Gautam Sharma.

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