Committee urges Guv for intervention on legal notice to Maheshwar

Imphal: The Committee against the legal notice by the IGAR (S) to Maheshwar Thounaojam, National Secretary, Republican Party of India (Athawale) has urged Manipur governor Anusuiya Uikey to intervene with regard to the legal notice served by the IGAR (S) to Maheshwar.

The chairman of the committee, M. Benu Devi along with executive members M. Smt. Ksh Anita Devi, N. Kavita Devi, K. Bokul Sharma and Rishikanta Singh met the governor at Raj Bhavan on Tuesday.

They submitted a memorandum to the governor seeking her intervention with regard to the legal notice served by the IGAR (S) to Shri Maheshwar.

They urged the governor to advise the Assam Rifles for withdrawal of the legal notice. They alleged that the legal notice to Maheshwar was served for ‘voicing for and on behalf of the people of the state’.

The governor advised the committee members to give reply to the legal notice as per the legal process. She conveyed that she will forward the memorandum and seek information of this notice from the IGAR (S) and further appealed them not to take law in their hands.

She exclaimed that she understands the sentiments of the people and said hatred among the communities should be removed to restore the sense of oneness so that both warring communities can live with peace and unity like before.

Central and state governments have been trying to restore peace and tranquillity and all have to contribute in the efforts to restore normalcy and peace, she said.

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