Cocomi criticises Manipur government

Imphal: Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (Cocomi) has criticised government for failure to uphold the rule of law in Kuki-dominated hill districts.

The  ommittee raised questions regarding the public’s assistance in ensuring equal application of the law throughout Manipur.

Addressing the reporters, here on Tuesday, Cocomi coordinator Jeetendra Ningomba condemned the brutal killing of two students by Kuki militants.

Images of the victims before and after the gruesome act had gone viral on social media, sending shockwaves through the community.

Ningomba expressed dismay over the government’s inability to locate the missing students and apprehend the perpetrators.

He said the ongoing crisis is a clash between village volunteers and Kuki militants. The murder of innocent students as cowardly and inhumane, he added.

Drawing attention to the chief minister’s participation in a protest against the notorious Naket Parade, Ningomba posed “What actions has the CM taken in response to the murder of the two students?”

The handing over the case to the CBI had only been heard of after the circulation of the viral images, he said demanding transparency regarding the case’s progress. He questioned why no arrests has been made so far.

Jeetendra condemned the excessive use of force by security personnel against student protesters on Tuesday, resulting in numerous injuries.

“Why is the rule of law applied only in valley districts?” he questioned.

Cocomi and the people of Manipur will not compromise until exemplary punishments are meted out to the murderers of the two students, Jeetendra said.

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