BMFA condemns ‘brutal suppression’ of student’s protest against killing of 2 teenagers

Imphal: The inhuman killing of two young souls Hijam Linthoingambi and Phijam Hemanjit is heart breaking, says Barak Manipur Friendship Association (BMFA) and strongly condemned the heinous crime committed by those people who have no basic humanity in them.

“We also set on record that those responsible should be given a befitting punishment in accordance with the law of the land and the investigating agencies should nab the culprit at the earliest,” said BMFA president Biswadeep Gupta.

He said it has become very clear that such an act cannot be committed by any ‘Indian’ national whatever maybe their criminal mind set be but was committed as a part of pogrom designed by illegal immigrants intended to occupy and infiltrate the land of this great nation called ‘Bharat’.

‘We also understand and sympathise with our bright student community who have come out in large numbers in Imphal and adjoining valley area to protest against this ghastly act of these cowards. Our student community has all the right to protest against the happening and it is but only a normal process in democracy.”

“It is a matter of great concern for us what we witnessed in the last few days, the brutal force used by security forces to control the protest demonstration by students. The use of excessive force, as well as pallets guns, live bullets, that too from close range speaks volume of insensitivity and lack of strategic techniques by our security forces.”

The BMFA said it strongly condemns such ghastly action by security forces, and consider it as ‘suppression of our basic democratic rights’. Either the force is ‘ill trained’ to handle the situation or has ‘ill intention’ to suppress people’s voices.

It urged the central and state governments to introspect, investigate and compensate for the incident as well as ensure that such acts are not repeated upon any citizen of this country.

“Our heart goes out to those hundreds of students who have suffered at the hands of these ruthless forces and our deepest condolences to the bereaved families who have lost their two young souls.”

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