Angry mob attempts to storm CM Biren’s residence

Imphal: Enraged by the murder of two teenagers, a boy and a girl, by Kuki militants, large number of people tried to storm the residence of chief minister N.Biren Singh in Imphal on Thursday and confronted with security forces till Friday morning.

A mass of agitators marched towards the chief minister’s residence at Luwangsangbam to press the chief minister for swift action to nab the culprits involved in the murder of the teenagers.

The chief minister was not at his residence. The demonstrators waited on the road.

However, 40 of the masses were taken by security force to the chief minister’s secretariat to let them express their demands. The meeting was not fruitful.

People from different parts of Imphal stormed from the city side towards the chief minister’s residence.

Security forces tried to stop the angry mob at Khabam Lamkhai, about 500 meters away from the chief minister’sresidence. They fired tear gas shells and mock bombs to push back the mob. The agitators retaliated with catapults, stones and tear gas shells towards the security personnel.

Tension escalated in the scene. People burnt tyres on the road at Khabam Lamkhai. Power supply was cut off in the area.

Mediapersons and ambulances remained stuck amid the confrontation. Sounds of firing guns were heard in the midst.

The mob had already occupied a portion of the NH-2 resulting to haul of traffic along the NH-2 between Mantripukhri and Luwangsanbam.

The protestors were demanding immediate arrest of the culprits involved in the killing of the two young souls and to exercise equal law in both Meitei and Kuki dominated areas.

The number of injuries could not be known.

In the midst of chaos, people also stormed at the residences of MLA Kh. Joykisan, Sapam Kunjakeswor and MLA S. Kebi Devi demanding the same.

Meitei Pangal community also took out a rally in Imphal East. Security forces dispersed the crowd by firing tear gas shells.

Candle light vigil were taken in every corner of Imphal in solidarity to the two young souls.

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