40 students injured in police action

Imphal: At least 40 agitating students were injured in police action in Imphal when students took on street demanding swift action against killers of two youths—a girl and a boy who went missing since July 6.

The agitation came up after pictures of the death duo went viral on Monday.

Students from different institutions came on streets. Police fired tear gas shells and mock bombs towards the agitating students.

The two students—Phijam Hemjit, 20 and Hijam Linthoingambi, 17 had been missing July 6, and the case has already been handed over to CBI as per wish of the public of Manipur.

Since the day of missing of the two students, no clue have been reported till date. However, some photographs of the two students alive in captivity before moments of being killed went viral on social media.

Students of CC Higher Secondary School, Ibotonsana Girls Higher Secondary School, Johnstone Higher Secondary School, Imphal College and Manipur University demonstrated with placards embedded “We strongly condemn the brutal killing”, “We want justice, Bring peace” and others.

Students of CC Higher secondary school tried to head towards the CM Bungalow. Police personnel at Sanjenthong bridge tried to stop the students. After they were dispersed up to their school gate the students again stormed towards CM bungalow however, police dispersed the students with tear gas shells and mock bombs. During the incident one student was injured in stampede.

At the same moment, students of Tamphasana Girls Higher Secondary school along with GP women’s college also came on streets demanding the same. While trying to disperse the students confrontation took place between the state police and students. As the situation escalated, police fired several rounds of tear gas shells and mock bombs towards the agitators.

Guardians of students stormed near TG Higher Secondary School during the protest.

Similar agitation was also carried out by students of Ibotonsana Higher Secondary school, Johnstone Higher Secondary school, Imphal College and Manipur University.

One of the protestors of Ibotonsana Higher Secondary School told reporters that the students demanded speedy result of the investigation that has already been handed over to CBI. The students will launch intensified forms of agitation if the government fails to book the culprits.

Police fires several rounds of tear gas shells and mock bomb to disperse the students and during the police action.

The mass protest was demonstrated under the six students’ body. Most of the injured were evacuated to RIMS, JNIMS and Raj Medicity. After providing first aid most of the injured were discharged.

In the evening people in Imphal joined hands and took on the streets demanding governments action against Kuki misdeeds. Police fired tear gas shells and mock bombs towards the agitating people.

There has been no report of injury in the evening confrontation till the filing of this report.

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