Will the Assembly session solve present Manipur crisis? Joy asks

Imphal: Will the Manipur Legislative Assembly session be able to solve the issues of Manipur? veteran politician Okram Joy asked.

The question came up after governor Anusuiya Uikey summoned the fourth session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly session on August 29.

The scheduled Assembly session might cover up the constitutional crisis of the present government, however there is doubt on solving the present crisis, Joy said.

The veteran politician was speaking to repo at his Kakwa, Imphal West residence on Tuesday.

He mentioned the failure to convene regular Assembly session to be scheduled on August 21 and said as per rules Assembly sitting should be at least 50 days in a year.

In the present scenario the government might not be able to meet the least number of days of Assembly sitting, Joy said. With the reason he claimed that “the state has constitutional crisis”.

The governor of Manipur and Cabinet ministers should bear the responsibility, he added.

As the state have failed to convene emergency session, there would be temporary ‘Enmity Suspension’ in the state, Joy said

To convene an Assembly session the chief  minister should consult the governor for advice and without the advice from chief minister, the governor alone can summon a session, he added.

If the state cabinet’s decision of recommending the governor to summon Assembly session on August 21 was taken with the consent of Speaker, then the governor has no right to reject the recommendation of state Cabinet. However, if the governor proposes to reschedule a session then the governor or the state Cabinet can fix a date to convene the Assembly session, Joy said.

Any MLA will be disqualified automatically if failed to attend the upcoming session scheduled on August 29, he added.

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